Setup Custom Name for Blogger Blog – Easy Steps

Set-up a Blogger custom name Customize URL for your blogger webpage.

Setting up a domain name for your blogger – will give your Blogspot blog a new pro identity with high search engine preference. So for what, you’re waiting for?

How to set a custom domain

To set a custom domain, 1st you’ve to purchase a custom domain address that you can buy from Godaddy, Hostinger, BigRock or Bluehost. I recommend you to buy it from Hostinger, Bigrock or Bluehost or as it gives you a free business E-mail. But you can buy it from where you like to. After purchasing URL, you’ve to make some settings in bloggers too, to connect your domain name with it(blogger).

Step 1:Login to your blogger.

Step 2:Now go to settings.

Step 3:Select Basic Settings.

Step 4:Now in “Publishing” select/Blog address.

Step 5:Select “+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog”

Click on +setup a third party URL for your blog

Step 6: Enter your URL and click on save.

Enter URL

Step 7: When you click on save, it will show some error message. And ask you to save HOST and POINT on the server. You’ve to save these settings on your server. These settings called DNS(domain name server) settings. This will show 2 HOST and 2 POINT.

error showing image

Step 8: Now login to your Godaddy account and Select DNS setting.

Select DNS Settings

Step 9: Now add HOST and POINT.
Add CNAME value generate in step 7(these values will be unique).
There will be two CNAME you’ve entered.
Add the first value of CNAME in Host and second in Point.
Similarly, Add 2nd CNAME

And ADD A Records values
There will be four A Records
In Host, value Add Symbol “@” and In point value ad IP given below one by One
And Complete All Four by filling IPs given below
Check below, you made all setting like this

Verify your settings
Setting of Blogger

Step 10: After doing all this, Open blogger.

Click on save the setting, it will be saved. And then click edit name and select redirect to

Now you’ve done. Your blog is ready with the new URL address.

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