Validate Schema Markup of a website: Full Schema test.

How to Check and validate Schema Markup? Boost SEO of the webpage.

Schema tags check

Schema tags: Do you know whether your site is using Schema Markup tags or not? If you don’t know then, now definitely you can check this. To check your schema tags on the WordPress or blogger page please visit Google Schema Markup tester.

You’ve to make 3 checks for Schema Markup

  1. Check your homepage
  2. Check page / Pages you create in the Page section.
  3. Check post page

After checking all 3, check whether is any error it is showing?

Boost SEO using HTML5

Blogger Users

For Blogger pages you must have “Blogposting” Schema tag in your blogger page. If not then you’ve to add this. If you don’t know how to do it? Please download full SEO themes by techaak for the Blogspot Blogger blog.

Now check that whether Google Markup checker shows any error? Then you must have to add missing value/s.

You can add missing value by adding the “itemscope” tag in the relevant tag.

WordPress Users

WordPress users can use Yoast SEO to add schema markup to their webpages. Yoast SEO provides you a variety of features. We’ll talk about more SEO plugins later.

After doing all this please check/validate your schema data using Google Schema Markup tester.

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