How to write SEO Friendly Article and Rank it in Search Engine SERP

This article helps you in understanding why and how to write an SEO friendly Article.

How to write SEO Friendly Article

First we discuss on why SEO friendly Article?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization learn more about SEO here. So now you understand SEO and optimized article is very important to rank your page in the search result.

How to optimize an Article?

  • Choose your keywords for which you want to rank.
  • Use Heading and Subheading and try to implement keywords in it.
  • Use keywords and synonyms of it in the article.
  • Add Proper image as today is also a trend of Google Discover.
  • Optimise your image with alt tag.
  • Link your article to previous related articles if available.
  • Proper use of external links.

You can optimize an article in many ways. But here I’m suggesting some key points for SEO optimized page or article.

How to search for keywords used by Search Engine.

You can search for keywords that are used by Google for similar pages as yours. You can use the following methods to do so

  • Search key term of your page and Google suggest you by saying “did you mean” and similar keyword can be found at the end of search results.Use Google AdWords keywords tool. This tool will also help you in increasing CPC and revenue.

Use of Heading and Subheadings

You’ve to use a heading that defines your article properly and add keywords to it. Please note that the sequence of using heading is h1>h2>h3>h4.

h1 heading
In h1 header tag, you’ve to add important keywords to your article/post.

h2 heading
You can add some of the keywords in h2 tags too. Also, describe the theme of the article in an h2 tag.

Optimise your image

Image used in the article must be of high quality, light in size and properly fit for article. Don’t confuse with high quality and small size image that means compressed high-quality image. Please use image that attracts visitors to your webpage as it if it might be caught by Google Discover then it will serve you a huge traffic.

In img tag, you must have to use alt tag for that image usually title of the article but it may vary as article demand.

Write High-Quality Content

You must write high-quality content, don’t try to copy-paste any article that is already available on the internet. Use your keywords in the content also synonyms of it. Focus on easy and understandable language to use in your content. You can also write in your local language that also appreciatable by search engine especially Google Search Engine.

Paragraph: in paragraph p tag you must use keywords of your article.

What is SEO and How it works – Boost Articles

Interlink your Articles

Internal links: try to content other articles with current article forming a 🕸 web.
External link. Like in this article we link an article about “What is SEO”.

External Links When you write an article and there is a need for an external link then use rel-tag <a href="#link" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">Link Text value</a> So that link juice and google recommendation keep in the article as per SEO need.

As per now, this is all. We update this article with time as according to google and other search engine recommendation. I hope you like this article, appreciate us by comment below and by sharing this article.

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