Is it good that Google crawl and index my whole website?

Google Crawl Index and NoIndex organic traffic

Search Engine Optimization is very important for page ranking but what pages to rank?

Is this question often stuck in your mind that which pages should allow for index and which for noindex to improve page rank? To understand all this, read this article till the end.

Everyone wants organic traffic and they optimize their site with many SEO tools. Like Yoast SEO, all in one SEO and many more as according to the platform used.

Blogger users try various codes, but what is the best practices.

For this you’ve to understand these things that google need for ranking.

  • Genuine, clean and error free content.
  • Language used must be very simple in case of English as it will helpful for more users of your blog or website.
  • Index one item only one time that mean don’t create junk.
  • Robots.txt permission
  • Etc.

These are some main points that you should keep in mind. Here we’re discussing on which pages to index on Google, Bing, Yandex and other channels.

You should focus on indexing of

  1. Homepage
  2. Static Pages
  3. Post pages

1. Homepage must be index as search engine usually enters through this entry point, it may be entered from any another entry point but this one is most important other than all.

2. Static Pages links website to various posts and other pages of your website. Please note that we’re discussing for static pages, not the categories or tag pages. As they (category, archive or tag pages) contain the same items as that of posts.

3. Post. as you know are most important to index. Posts are original content written/created by you.

What to be noindex or When to use noindex

It’s also a important question that what to be noindex. Here is a list

  • Category pages
  • Tags pages
  • Archive pages
  • Error pages
  • Attached Media files of website.

Category, tags and archive pages contain same h2 tags with paragraphs <p> tags that are inside a post linked with it. So you can use meta tag robots noindex, follow. That allows search engine bot to crawl website thoroughly.

When to noindex: is a google question. You can use noindex when your page or post is duplicate of any of other page or post

Learn how we can use index, noindex and follow robots meta tags in blogger

Also how we can use index, noindex and follow robots meta tags in WordPress.(coming soon)

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