Domain forwarding with prefixing www – Solved

Domain forwarding not working with prefix www

Godaddy, Bigrock, Bluehost and many other hosting service providers, provide a domain name, hosting and much more. But when we purchase a link to forward it to our custom link or We choose a new URL for and want all traffic to divert to a new domain, we do forwarding.

Domain forwarding with prefixing www - Solved

My Domain is Forwarding but when prefix, www it’s not.

If your domain is forwarding to a new URL but with prefixing www i.e. is not forwarding at all and says DNS error. For this, you’ve to log in to your Domain Name Province Account say Godaddy account and check DNS settings. In that, you’ve to ADD a CNAME where you’ve to add “www” in Host and symbol “@” in Point


Step by Step Process(We’re showing for Godaddy).

Step 1. Login to your Godaddy account.

Godaddy domain forwarding not working with www

Step 2. Now it will show your web urls, and some settings. Click on DNS management.

Godaddy domain forwarding not working with www

Step 3. Check DNS Records, and ADD a Value of CNAME pointing as shown in figure.

step 3

If you are done with all the above values, then you’ve successfully done it. Now, wait for 30 minutes, usually it takes 2 minutes. Your domain will forward with prefixing www too.

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