HTML5 page structure SEO best practices

w3c released the draft of HTML5 with some new tags Semantic, these are very helpful in blogger and WordPress SEO. What is HTML? stand for Hypertext Markup Language is...

Fixed Sidebar with Theia Sticky Sidebar jQuery WordPress Blogger

The most common layout of a web/blog usually consists of 2 parts, the main content (main-wrapper) and the sidebar (sidebar-wrapper). The sidebar will usually be shorter than the main, so if you like...
Responsive Ad Unit

Boost Adsense Earnings by Responsive Ad Size

Adsense ad sizes, place ads size accordingly to screen size and boost your Adsense earnings. Boost Adsense Earning by placing the correct ad size ad on your webpage.

Create Perfect Robots.txt for Blogger WordPress boost Google SERP

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How to write SEO Friendly Article and Rank it in Search Engine SERP

This article helps you in understanding why and how to write an SEO friendly Article. First we discuss on why SEO friendly Article?

WordPress Change Number of posts to display on blog.

Wordpress the most powerful blogging platform gives you a strong bloggin experience. It's very simple to change numbers of posts to be display on a wordpress blog. WordPress allow...

Use of rel=dns-prefetch tag in a website or blog SEO, Speed and revenue

In this article, we'll discuss the Link "dns-prefetch" role in a website loading speed and Search Engine Optimization of a page. Use the dns-prefetch tag in your WordPress or...

Latest Robots Meta Tags from Google for Published Article

Google Recently Published New Meta tags for Optimization of Search Pages for snippet and post preview New Google Meta Tags to Enhance SEO, CTR...

Blogger and WordPress which one to choose and Why understand features of both

Blogger and WordPress both freely available Content Management System(CMS). Here we understood difference between the two. Introduction to Blogger and WordPress:
Yoast SEO Plugin Settings

WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin Setting for SERP

Yoast SEO Plugin Settings for best WordPress Search Engine Optimization and Rank your website in Search Results. To install and setup Yoast SEO plugin,...