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Blogger is a free blogging tool, understand the best optimization of blogger themes, How to write posts and much more.


How to Remove Blogger Default CSS & JavaScript [solved]

You can now easily remove default CSS and js of your blogger page. In this post, you'll understand how you can easily remove default Cascade Style Sheet (CSS) and...

Blogger Duplicate URL for Mobile m=1 problem solved

Search engine optimization is very important for a website to rank. Now if you're running on blogger and facing the issue of m=1 in your SEO, don't worry I'm here to help...

Latest Robots Meta Tags from Google for Published Article

Google Recently Published New Meta tags for Optimization of Search Pages for snippet and post preview New Google Meta Tags to Enhance SEO, CTR...

Use of rel=dns-prefetch tag in a website or blog SEO, Speed and revenue

In this article, we'll discuss the Link "dns-prefetch" role in a website loading speed and Search Engine Optimization of a page. Use the dns-prefetch tag in your WordPress or...
Yoast SEO Plugin for Blogger

Yoast SEO and Blogger Blog, Optimize site for Best Search Results

Yoast SEO and Blogger Blog complete Guide is here for Google SERP. Yoast SEO Plugin: This plugin is available for WordPress CMS only. Yoast enhances the website interface for...
Responsive Ad Unit

Boost Adsense Earnings by Responsive Ad Size

Adsense ad sizes, place ads size accordingly to screen size and boost your Adsense earnings. Boost Adsense Earning by placing the correct ad size ad on your webpage.

Create Perfect Robots.txt for Blogger WordPress boost Google SERP

Understand how to implement the best robots.txt file to your WordPress or Blogger Blogspot blog. What is the...
Blogger Meta Tags

Blogger Meta Tags: Best SEO Optimization

Blogger Meta Tags for Blogger page ranking. Increase your page ranking by implementing these tags. Blogger meta tags are very useful in page ranking of a webpage in Google Search or Any Other Search Engine...
Custom URL for Blogger

Setup Custom Name for Blogger Blog – Easy Steps

Set-up a Blogger custom name Customize URL for your blogger webpage. Setting up a domain name for your blogger - will give your Blogspot blog a new pro identity...

Blogger and WordPress which one to choose and Why understand features of both

Blogger and WordPress both freely available Content Management System(CMS). Here we understood difference between the two. Introduction to Blogger and WordPress: