Blogger and WordPress which one to choose and Why understand features of both

Blogger and WordPress both freely available Content Management System(CMS). Here we understood difference between the two.

WordPress CMS and Blogger CMS

Introduction to Blogger and WordPress:

Blogger is Google Hosted domain, that means you can access it for writing blog only. You have limited access only to making changes in its theme. You can’t access its root directory. Where WordPress is a self-hosted site, you can access everything in it.

Advantage of Blogger over WordPress:

Free Hosting: Blogger is free to use platform whereas for WordPress you’ve to pay for its hosting. Both CMSes are free but for WordPress, you’ve to pay for its hosting.

More Secure: from the security point of view blogger is more secure than that of a WordPress site. Its security is managed by Google and you’ve to just write the blog in it and feel safe whereas WordPress is a self-hosted platform, and you’ve to take care of its security. There are more chances that a WordPress site can hack if you use untrusted plugins or themes.

High Speed: Blogger always provide high speed to its blog whereas WordPress speed depends upon your service provider.

Easy to Use: Blogger is very easy to use, as it has limited functionality available with users. Its security hosting and speed etc are managed by Google. Whereas WordPress is somehow tricky but once all things setup it also easy to use.

Advantage of WordPress Self hosted domain over Blogger

SEO: It’s the main feature of WordPress hosted site. WordPress CMS is more SEO friendly than that of the blogger. Due to its SEO friendly Themes. If you add any external link it will manage its SEO in that case too by adding some needy tag whereas no such feature in blogger. In blogger, you’ve to add these tags using HTML mode.

Jetpack: Jetpack is a very important plugin available with WordPress. It can boost up the speed of the WordPress website by serving images through its servers. It auto-share you posts to linked social media accounts. You can use the comment system with a multi-account feature using the jetpack. Whereas in Blogger there is no such feature except twitter Feedburner.

AMP Support: WordPress sites support the amp page. That is very useful for mobile search result pages. More search result means more traffic, that a site needs. In blogger, there is no such feature. If you use an amp theme for blogger, that will create a lot of error in your webmaster tool.

Themes and Plugins: In WordPress site you can easily add or remove features using themes and plugins. But In Blogger this job is hard to perform as you should be friendly with CSS, JS and XML coding.

Root Access: You can access the root directory of WordPress CMS from where you can make necessary changes according to your need. In blogger, you don’t have permission to do so.

Clean URLs: WordPress Support clean URLs for pages, posts, categories, tags and search pages that’s an advantage of WordPress over blogger. Blogger only support clean URLs for Pages, Posts.

Same URL for both Desktop and Mobile Version: You can access both desktop and mobile version using same URL on WordPress but in blogger for mobile users it will automatically add ?m=1 to the end of URLs. But we’ve solution for blogger ?m=1 issue here.

Self-hosted Data Safe: Google can shut your blogger account anytime if you don’t follow its policies or sometimes you ignore some of its policy due to lack of knowledge about all policies. While creating a blogger account you agree to the T&C of blogger that they can remove your blogger posts or delete your blogger blog if any violation of their policies. But in WordPress CMS its is self-hosted, only you can delete any content of that account.

Tips for Blogger users.

SEO, for WordPress leading over blogger in this case because of a lack of SEO themes for blogger blog. But we are providing you best SEO themes that support full HTML5(most important for SEO) you can check out all blogging themes by techaak here. After applying these you can see an improvement in your organic search traffic. Analyze it after applying the themes.

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