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Learn How you can make your blogger blog SEO friendly.


Blogger SEO can be boosted up by using correct tags and entries.

In this course, we’ll discuss all blogger techniques to make blogger SEO friendly. In actual practice, Search Engine Optimization is a vast topic. But in this article, and from this article, I’ll tell you how you can make your blogger SEO friendly.

Following are some topic on which a user has to think before writing a post.

  • The niche of the blog.
  • Your knowledge about, what you’re writing.
  • Can you post further on that topic?
  • Your previous content on that topic / or content related to your webpage.
  • Life of content.

So these are some topic on which you’ve to think before starting a topic. Now if you’re running a blogspot blog these implement can be done further.

  • Purchase a Domain Name that should be shortest and relevant with content.
  • Install a template in your blogger blog.
  • Do write genuine content.

Now, all done? Come to SEO Practice

Go to and visit theme section.

  1. Backup your theme
  2. Now Click on edit HTML and find <head> tag
  3. Now paste this Meta Tags in place of old meta tags.

Writing a blogger post.

You can write a blog post using compose or HTML section. When you’re writing in HTML don’t use <h1> tag as it is already present in title. A good SEO page only one <h1> tag.

  • In title- don’t use the same word multiple time
  • Add alt and title attribute to the image
  • keep a good length of your article.
  • Don’t use tough words try to add simple synonyms.
  • Try to write in active voice – if possible.

While writing an article keep the above points in your mind.

I hope you like this article.  As I told you SEO is a vast topic.  We soon post more tips for your blogger blog. Please share your views in the comment section below.


  1. As per now you can share on twitter page and google plus page as you post any article. But you can also take help of ‘ifttt’ web script to do this. to share on twitter page > Visit your feed section. Soon we’ll publish a video on this…

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