Add contact form (contact us page) in blogger – Blogger Expert

Create a custom contact form for the blogger or Add contact form in the Contact us page. Only one easy step process and done. Contact Form for Blogger

Blogger full SSL certificate on custom domain for Free – Enable https

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate Why we use it? SSL certificate is used in for making a secure connection to your website. And also help in improve SEO score.   How to set-up? Finally wait for blogger user is over....
Blogger Meta Tags

Blogger Meta Tags: Best SEO Optimization

Blogger Meta Tags for Blogger page ranking. Increase your page ranking by implementing these tags. Blogger meta tags are very useful in page ranking of a webpage in Google Search or Any Other Search Engine...

How to Increase Adsense CPC and Earnings

Increase CPC of your Adsense Monetize website. Why increase CPC In Adsense, CPC stands for Cost Per Click that mean, how many clicks you're getting...
Responsive Ad Unit

Boost Adsense Earnings by Responsive Ad Size

Adsense ad sizes Boost Adsense Earning by placing correct ad size ad on your webpage. Responsive ad size: Responsive ad size means that ad...
Blogger Auto Ads

Adsense Auto Ads – Earn with Smart Ads

Google Adsense Auto Ads Google Adsense Release new AdSense ad format i.e. Google Adsense Auto Ads Auto Ads feature show ads on your webpage automatically as and remain user-friendly. So that you can earn more. Set Up...

Adsense – Impression CTR, Ad Request CTR

Increase Earning by placing right ad Unit. Right Ad Unit? Means? Yes, Right Ad unit here means an ad unit whose impression CTR and Ad Request CTR is high. Every ad we place in an article not...

Connect Blogger to Google Search Console or Webmaster tool.

Learn How you can connect Blogger Blogspot blog and Google Search Console in simple steps.

Blogger SEO – Rank your website in Search Result

Learn How you can make your blogger blog SEO friendly.   Blogger SEO can be boosted up by using correct tags and entries. In this course, we'll discuss all blogger techniques to make blogger SEO friendly. In...

What is SEO and How it works – Boost Articles

SEO is a tool used by web developers to highlight or magnify the theme of the Article or blogpost. Search Engine Optimization or SEO: is a very important tool...


Latest Robots Meta Tags from Google for Published Article

Google Recently Published New Meta tags for Optimization of Search Pages for snippet and post preview New Article/Post...


Create Perfect Robots.txt for Blogger WordPress boost Google SERP

Understand how to implement the best robots.txt file to your WordPress or Blogger Blogspot blog. robots.txt file...