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Ad Balance Come Again into the Game. Adsense Ad Quality improved.

Adjust your ad-balance, see a sudden rise in your CPC and earnings. Read complete article

Adsense ad-balance

Ad Balance Come Again into the Game.. Adsense Ad Quality improved.

Google Adsense now again comes up with “Ad Balance”. Before some AdSense revert it back by displaying “Ad Balance is under maintenance”. Now “Ad Balance” is active again. This will be good news for all those who want to give the best experience to their users with less and high-quality ads. Publishers now can set their ad balance according to their needs.

Set up Adbalance Potential

Adbalance potential can set-up by

  • logging in your Adsense
  • Tapping/clicking on My Ads
  • Clicking on Ad Balance

Now you’ll see 3 bars

  • Estimated Earning bar(Green)
  • Ads Bar(Blue)
  • Ad fill rate Bar (Adjustable  -Blue color adjustable line)

 For best user experience adjust the ad fill rate bar to the best user experience user limit. After doing this, apply settings. Now you adjust the quality of ads displaying on your webpage/youtube/blog/AdMob.

By applying these settings, you’ll see a rise in Cost Per Click(CPC) and maybe a decrease in Page Click Through Rate(CTR). And finally, you’ll see a rise in your total AdSense earnings.

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